A robust TMS powered with advanced translation technologies

CleverSo integrates translation technologies that work to minimize your translation costs and maximize your team efficiency.

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Translation memory is your own unique asset that grows with time. When you start using CleverSo, you get an empty translation memory. As soon as you start translating your first piece of content, your translation memory instantly begins learning and growing. The more you translate, the more it grows!

Translation memory automatically stores all your translations for future reuse. Save the time and money spent on recurring content and allow your translation memory to reuse your approved translations. Not only does this save you translation time and cost, it also improves your translation quality and consistency.

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CleverSo’s machine translation is an enterprise-level solution designed to help businesses translate high-volumes of content securely, quickly, and efficiently. This feature works as a great starting point for your translation team to get content translated instantly. Many businesses use free machine translation tools at serious risk of exposing internal company information. With CleverSo’s machine translation, you can rest assured that all your sensitive data is completely secure.

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Quality Assurance

CleverSo’s quality assurance tools automatically check for mistakes across your translations. Our state-of-the-art QA tools scan for:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors

  • Inconsistent placeholders (source vs target)

  • Inconsistent HTML (source vs target)

  • Leading and trailing whitespace (target)

  • Different brackets (source vs target)

  • Different numbers (source vs target)

  • Special placeholder (target)

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File and Content Hosting

CleverSo keeps all your source content and translations in a central platform. You no longer need to waste time finding files on different drives, devices, and folders. Easily organize your content into projects that can be accessible to your team at any point in time.

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Terminology Management

Terminology management gives you the ability to set source-to-target language pairs specific to your industry and brand. Using a term base ensures language consistency across all your content.

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Workflow Configuration

Workflows allow you to control how content is handled during each stage of your localization process. CleverSo allows you to set up and configure each workflow based on your project’s needs. In just a few minutes, your workflow will be set up and translators can start working on the project. Workflows allow you to:

  • Set your project deadline

  • Set your required target language

  • Set your preferred workflow steps (translation, editing, and proofreading)

  • Link your translation memory and term base

  • Distribute tasks to your team

  • Define your price per word

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CleverSo’s dashboards give you an instant, transparent overview of your projects’ status. Within seconds, you can view the status of each project’s translation, editing, and proofreading as well as each user’s progress and statistics.

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File Analysis

Once you upload a file for translation, you can analyze your file to see the breakdown of translation memory matches by percentile. You can also see how many segments, words, numbers, and characters your new project includes. This feature gives you insights on the costs you will save as a result of your translation memory and your total spending on the project.

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Download Files

At any point during the translation process, you can download your original file, translated file, or your bilingual XLS file.

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Project Chat

CleverSo keeps your team aligned throughout your translation process. Instead of risking document versions getting lost in disorganized communication, coordinate and discuss with your team on the project-level chat.

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Team Evaluation

Upon completion of each project, you will be asked to evaluate each team member involved. This feature allows your team to advance through the constructive feedback you share after each project.

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A clever TMS for faster and smarter translation

For Project Managers

  • Get the most out of the time, energy, and money spent on translation.

  • Drive key business decisions with real-time view over individual projects and overall progress.

  • Accelerate your translation turnaround time as your business expands to new markets.

  • Save time and cost translating any repeated content across your projects.

  • Maintain complete visibility and control over translation deliverables and deadlines.

  • Save project data in a variety of useful formats for machine learning.

  • Ensure sole ownership of your data’s intellectual property.

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For Translators

  • Commit to the same level of consistency and quality across all your translations.

  • Boost daily productivity with the aid of translation memory.

  • Store and access your brand terminologies and industry jargon across all projects.

  • Stay aligned with your team throughout the entire translation process.

  • Access automatic quality assurance and formatting tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a question? See More

  • How can I start using CleverSo?
  • Please reach out to Sales or Book a Demo to learn how CleverSo can help your business. Once you decide on the plan that suits you best, we’ll create your business account on CleverSo. To ensure a smooth unfolding experience, we begin the journey with an onboarding tour to make sure you and your team are fully equipped to instantly optimize the benefit you reap from CleverSo.
  • How many languages does CleverSo support?
  • CleverSo supports all Right-To-Left (RTL) and Left-To-Right (LTR) languages.
  • Which plans are available for CleverSo?
  • Please reach out to Sales or Book a Demo to learn which plan is best suited to your business needs.
  • Which file types does CleverSo support?
  • You can upload your documents in the following formats:

    • Word (.doc / .docx)
    • Excel (.xls / .xlsx)
    • PowerPoint (.ppt / .pptx)
    • Text (.txt)
    • HTML in an Excel file